What My Clients Say

I really love what I do – coaching people.

Whether they are a business owner, mumpreneur, freelancer, professional or middle manager, when I see lasting, positive change and increased confidence in my clients, that’s the best.

This is what they have to say.

Small Business Coaching

I am just a different business owner from two years ago when I first begun working with Lucy. I have really achieved so much more than I ever thought possible. My business has had it’s best growth period since I started 13 years ago! Her support and guidance has been the best.   Read full testimonial Deborah Toulson, Wiltshire

Owner, Kip McGrath Sailsbury, Wiltshire

Lucy strikes the right balance between supporting me (and coming up with some fab ideas to move my business on) and set me more challenging issues to deal with.   Read full testimonial Julie Davies, Faversham, Kent

Owner, Julie Davies Flower Workshops

Coaching gave me confidence to tackle areas that I had no prior experience of, such as my website, and gave me confidence about the decisions that I have made.  Read full testimonial Lucia Dello Ioio, Faversham, Kent

Owner, The Analytical Bookeeper

Coaching has had a big impact on helping me to decide the shape of my future. You helped me to decide whether to concentrate on my theatre company or to expand Honker Tonkers, and I have been focusing on the latter ever since.    Read full testimonial Amy Howard, Whitstable, Kent

Owner, Honker Tonkers

I appreciated talking to someone in a similar situation. New business, mum to a toddler. That meant there was a lot of synergy before we even got started. And you understood my needs brilliantly! You know the pressures of leaving a secure job, starting up your own business and having a small child at home. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a friendly professional accountability business coach.   Read full testimonial Michelle Gyimah, Manchester

Owner, Equality Pays

Find out more about my small business coaching programme on my Small Business Coaching page.

Career Change Coaching

“Having coaching sessions was the best decision I have made because it has had a positive impact on my career development and my self-esteem as improved.  I am planning to have further coaching sessions now that I have achieved one of my goals of getting my promotion.”  Read full testimonial

Teresa Young, Rochester

I wanted to have a long term plan for my career change and I came to a conclusion after three researching different job possibilities. The exercises you gave me were very good to start to find out where I was at and where I needed to go. And as you have a young family, you totally understood me.  Read full testimonial NR, Essex

Coaching has had a positive impact on my life. Although we focused on my career and starting my small business, it also has helped in making decisions in family life. Without the coaching I don’t think I would have launched my business by now.You made me believe I could do it but also kept my feet on the ground with practical advice.  Read full testimonial Georgia O'Reilly, Sittingbourne, Kent

You were instantly really understanding and you encouraged me to talk through the issues. However, I think you realised that we needed to look at the bigger picture and this was really great.  Read full testmonial LS*, Faversham, Kent

The process of talking through my ideas with someone very knowledgeable in the areas of career and travel was very helpful to me. I was able to verbalise my ideas and think over them and receive constructive feedback, which allowed me to be less indecisive about my life choices.  Read full testimonial Helen Gibson, Gillingham, Kent

Working with Lucy helped me prioritise and understand better the complex balance that I needed to grasp and gave me confidence to go out and achieve my career goals without sacrificing my family balance, in fact putting it at the heart of my decision making.  Read full testimonial NJ*, Canterbury, Kent

Find out more about my career change coaching programme on my Career Change Coaching page

Life Coaching

I sought out life coaching because I felt a bit stuck. I was due to return to work after having a baby, but the job was dull and left me deflated and frustrated. Because of the changes I’ve made in terms of work, I’m less frustrated at work, less bothered about the boredom, and less whingey about it. I’m proud of myself for actually *doing* those things, rather than just wishing I could.  Read full testimonial AN*, Surrey

Having my coaching sessions has motivated me, and helped me to appreciate the good things in my life. I feel more positive now.  Read full testimonial PD*, Faversham, Kent

I appreciated having access to an external, unbiased individual who could listen to my concerns.  This was invaluable to make me realise my achievements and helping me focus on the positives.  Learning to use affirmations was also of particular value for me.”  Read full testimonial JW*, West Malling, Kent

In simple terms, my goal was to put the past behind me and to stop it controlling my present and the future. I did not realise how much these matters were colouring my outlook on life in general. The coaching has had a very positive impact.  Read full testimonial SW*, Maidstone, Kent

I felt that I was listened to very carefully, and my needs were well understood. My background and needs were (to me) quite complex, but you picked out the relevant detail and made the whole process seem straightforward and achievable.  Read full testimonial Mike Tillman, Faversham, Kent

Find out more about my life coaching programme on my Life Coaching page.

Free Discovery Session

Contact me for your free discovery session to find out if coaching can help you move forward with your work, life or business. There’s no obligation and no charge for this 45 minute discovery call. If you like my approach, then we can book your first sessions and start your journey to making positive change.

*My client prefers to use their initials due to the personal nature of coaching.