Business-life balance client story

Jackie*, a Business and Life Coaching Client

Bexley, Kent

Jackie initially contacted me to help her sort out her business-life balance balance.

Working “alone” with few people to discuss her business with was isolating. She also felt unproductive despite working what felt like 24/7.

image: bee-working-on-white-flower client testimonial about business-life balance by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach

The coaching journey to business-life balance

Through a blend of Small Business Coaching and Life Coaching, Jackie worked out the right business-life balance for her and her family.

Over a two year period we explored Jackie’s personal and professional values aligned, she got clear on her priorities and dreams for the businesses. She also changed systems, staffing and processes to make the improvements that she wanted to see.

The monthly coaching sessions gave her the accountability to implement the changes with support to face the bumps in the road with confidence.

What Jackie said about the coaching

Jackie said: “I was surprised to learn through working with Lucy was that a lot of my success was dependent on a shift in my thinking. I was incredibly hard on myself. I never took time to celebrate success or reflect on achievements and expected more of myself than others.

“Through my coaching journey with Lucy I learned to:

  • delegate
  • re-prioritise goals and come back regularly to my ‘why’
  • to say no more (as a “yes” person, this was hard).
  • to say “stop” when I starting to have negative thinking and see the wood for the trees
  • to say “stop” and regroup when things seemed too much/too hard or when I didn’t feel in control
  • to celebrate and pat myself on the back
  • to set up systems.

“The coaching exceeded my expectations. Lucy really helped me with my professional development in ways I couldn’t have predicted and also is a truly inspirational person to spend time with.”

Jackie*, Franchisee, Business Owner and Coaching Client

“Lucy understood my goals and took time to get to know my businesses how they work and what make me tick as person”, Jackie continued.

“When you work for yourself you put a lot of ‘you’ in you business so looking at the ‘whole picture’ was really important and I feel Lucy not only got the business but also got me!”

The impact of coaching

“The biggest impact from the coaching has been positive changes to my mindset, productivity – focusing on what’s most important, prioritising and delegating. An a boost in my confidence too!

Through the coaching I have opened my own centre and feel the whole process happened as part of working together. I simply handled it much better than I would have had the opportunity presented it self a few years ago.

Jackie* business coaching testimonial for Lucy Stanyer Life Coach

“I felt worried that having a business and life coach meant I was ‘failing’ like I couldn’t cope with what I’d set out to do. But having a neutral go to person to help strategise and set goals (and be accountable to) helped me incredibly.”

Business-life balance

“I feel a coach is something anyone who feels work –life balance is not where they want it or wants to see improvements in productivity, is essential. It’s a strength to look to others and ask for help!

“The positive changes to my work-life-family balance are still evolving, but My mind set is in the right place for being in a better place when it’s family time vs. work time.

“I know that I have the skills and drive to make good decisions that suit my business and lifestyle.”

Lucy’s approach

“Lucy excels at looking at the individual. The process of working together was very dependent on this. Lucy was focused on hearing the person and getting to heart of the matter to move things forward and set realistic goals.

“She made my worries ‘tangible’ and gave tools to ‘do something’ about the worries. This helped make my thought processes far more productive and motivational!

“I found that having regular meetings and ‘task focused’ follow up and dialogue around what was working and wasn’t working incredibly valuable!”

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*Name changed at the request of my client due to the personal nature of coaching.