SW* – life coaching helped me get closure

Maidstone, Kent

SW* came to life coaching because he had a long term issue that was creating negativity and stopping him from moving forward with his life. He wanted to get closure on this issue and develop tools to move forward with his life in a positive way.

“In simple terms, my goal was to put the past behind me and to stop it controlling my present and the future.  And I got closure on the issues we discussed.

“I had some previous understanding of the coaching process through family members so my expectations were realistic in that I was not expecting a ‘magic wand’. But I was ready for Lucy to help me find my own solutions. This she did.

“And the ‘your focus’ and ‘your life’ exercises set me thinking in a positive way.

“I wanted closure on a couple of specific matters – which I got – but the impact on my state of mind was far greater than I thought it might be and I am far less stressed (even though life at the moment remains just as stressful) and less grumpy. 

“I did not realise how much these matters were colouring my outlook on life in general. The coaching has had a very positive impact.”

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*My client prefers to use his initials due to the personal nature of coaching.