Lucia Dello loio The Analytical Bookkeeper - business coaching client of Lucy StanyerOwner of The Analytical Bookkeeper

Faversham, Kent

Lucia offers optimised cloud-based bookkeeping and customised analytics to help business owners to understand and grow their business. She is based in Faversham and covers all areas of Kent.

Lucia came to business coaching as she had been in business for one year but had done no marketing or networking before. 

Now she has a clear picture of her ideal client, has strong messages about her business and services, and has created her brand The Analytical Bookkeeper. Lucia is now finalising her website and is starting to network online and at events.

“I had no experience of marketing my business, no website and no business cards. I wanted to address this and to start to think about pricing and value proposition.

“Coaching gave me confidence to tackle areas that I had no prior experience of, such as my website, and gave me confidence about the decisions that I have made.”

“Lucy understood my needs very well. Alongside the items that I tackled, we also identified areas that I wanted to change wasn’t aware of before, such as planning for all tasks. Lucy often sent me extra materials related to what we had discussed, which were really helpful.

“The progress I have made is very good and I’m feeling much more confident.”

“I also had a lot on which made it harder as was studying for an exam. The pacing and gaps between meetings were helped me keep up the momentum but also to allow me time to do the work. I appreciated that Lucy wasn’t judgemental when I didn’t achieve everything or when I reset my priorities.

“I am quite organised and analytical so was quick to narrow down the various issues to the main ones to focus on.  The progress I have made on these is very good and I’m feeling much more confident.   

“I liked the mini questionnaire that I filled in between sessions and also being sent a summary notes of agreed actions after the meeting . I definitely need to get on top of planning as too much of it is in my head still!

“I’m starting to network and getting a website built. I have also developed a more defined proposition for my business. This has resulted in me feeling more confident to turn down work not a good fit with my goals.”

“Ultimately, I feel more confident to grow to the next level, less stressed, more positive about promoting my business.”

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