Mike Tillman – life coaching case study

Mike Tillman, Owner of Property Clearance Plusmike tillman pic


Property Clearance Plus is a small, friendly, family business based in Faversham, Kent. They offer a unique range of services including straight forward house clearance, to a fully comprehensive clearance, cleaning, redecorating and repair service.

“I came to coaching with the aim of improving my work-life balance. My need was to break out of the 9 – 5, Monday to Friday routine that I had been stuck in and to work a pattern that would suit me and my family, freeing up extra time to allow me to for creative activities, hobbies and to help with the development of my son.

“Through discussion and exploration my aim was to start up an initial business activity by July, and then, beyond that, to look at increasing my portfolio by exploring other internet-based ideas.

“I set up and started my first new business, with a business partner, a few weeks before the date set out in my goal, and although I’m busy, I am still able to instigate a flexible-time regime to allow me to pursue other interests.

“Coaching gave me the tools, and guidance that I needed to change my life around.”

Being able to talk through ideas, have them listened to, and then formulate a structured approach using the action plan to actually get things done rather than just talking about them! Once a plan was drawn up the whole process seemed less daunting and manageable.

“I felt that I was listened to very carefully, and my needs were well understood. My background and needs were (to me) quite complex, but you picked out the relevant detail and made the whole process seem straightforward and achievable.

“One of the great benefits was to have somebody who could focus on my aims and provide equal amounts of reassuring guidance and enthusiasm, even at times where I felt somewhat deflated by setbacks.

“Even before our first session you asked about my preferred style, and then used this method throughout all the stages of the process. And you accommodated my pace very well. As time progressed, there was a need to increase the weeks between sessions to allow me the time to implement the processes and ideas.

“I now have a better work-life balance – one in which I’m able to pursue my other interests.”

“I don’t feel I would have had the courage to embark on a completely new way of working without the coaching. I would probably have moved from one career that I wasn’t enjoying into another one just because it was the ‘safe’ option.  

“Without wishing to sound too cliché, life coaching has changed my life. It has given me the confidence and tools needed to pursue a career that I enjoy doing, rather than one that I’ve come to be stuck in.

“I would recommend you to anybody that is in a position where they need change in their life.”

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