Career confidence and new direction

Rachel*, Career Coaching client

Sittingbourne, Kent

Rachel* came to coaching at a time when she was feeling very low in confidence and wasn’t sure which direction to take with her career.

She wanted to get a better understanding of who she was and what she wanted. Plus a well thought out plan to get her to where she wanted to go. With a bit more career confidence to take the action needed.

Rachel said: “Lucy helped me to follow a simple and practical process to identify my future work options and balance these against the priorities within my personal life.

Career confidence – role and focus

“I am as a result now employed in a less demanding, but still personally fulfilling role, on a part-time basis.

“I feel that confidence-wise, Lucy’s support and advice enabled me to put my bad experience from my previous job into perspective and to move on.

“Her ability to respond to my pace and style was excellent,” Rachel continued. “We meet over coffee in a relaxed environment, which really suited me.

Image: women in sunglasses close up. Career coaching confidence client testimonial by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach

Lucy also recognised when my impatience in taking practical steps kicked in at around the 3rd or 4th session. She supported me in preparing to approach recruitment agencies during the following week.

I really liked the coaching worksheets and tool. They made me think about things from a more objective point of view and aided our discussion.”

The best thing about the coaching was having someone to motivate me to make plans and take actions, and equally, having someone on my side to support me.

quote graphic for career confidence client testimonial by Ljucy Stanyer Life Coach

Why Rachel chose me as her coach

“I picked Lucy as my coach after I read how she had successfully established her own business after starting a family. She seemed like a good role model for me.

“I thought that she was someone I could get on well with and understood my needs when we met for the initial discovery session.”

Coaching after counselling

“I have had counselling in the past, which involved a lot of talking, introspection and self-analysis, with no clear end in sight.

“However, what Lucy do is gives her clients is the ability to move forwards, taking positive actions in manageable steps.”

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*Name changed due to the personal nature of coaching.