LS* – career coaching case study

Image: Career coaching client testimonial for Lucy Stanyer Life CoachFaversham, Kent

LS booked a career coaching session to make an important, and urgent, career decision. She has been offered a new, exciting role in a different department and a promotion by her boss. What a great position to be in!

However, she felt confused about which role to choose and needed someone impartial as a sounding board to help her weigh up the options and make a decision the next day.

“It was decision-making I really needed help with. I was suffering with an inability to see things logically and weigh up the pros and cons.

“You were instantly really understanding and you encouraged me to talk through the issues. However, I think you realised that we needed to look at the bigger picture and this was really great.

“It was an extraordinary privilege that someone was able to help me in an urgent moment, in such a constructive way. Telling someone who had no knowledge of my situation made things clear.

“I made the decision to take the new job I was offered. It has not been an easy time since then, but I am determined to make things work. I have started to be more systematic and try different approaches to self organisation.

“Thank you so much for coming to help me. I found you on the internet and liked your webpage. It seemed organised and clear and that reflected your style too. You were kind and business-like. It was enormously helpful. Thank you.”

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*My client prefers to use her initials due to the personal nature of coaching.