NR* – case study, coaching client gets career change


NR* came to coaching with me after being a stay at home mum for four years while nurturing her three children and wanted to create a long term plan for her career.

“I think that achieving my goal in six sessions is fab!”

She had worked in fashion before going on maternity leave but didn’t want to return to that industry and was at a crossroads about where to go and what to do next.

She had a couple of ideas of what she thought she might like to do but needed the time and space to weigh them up and grow her confidence in making the right decision for her career change. In the third session she had her lightbulb moment that she wanted to refocus on nutritional therapy and hasn’t looked back.

“I wanted to have a long term plan for my career change and I came to a conclusion after three researching different job possibilities. The exercises you gave me were very good to start to find out where I was at and where I needed to go. 

“As you have a young family, you totally understood me. You were patient, realistic and approachable.

“Discussing and releasing fears and uncertainty was one of the best aspects. We went round the houses a bit and as I’m impatient I didn’t see the end result at first, but it was for the best and the plan worked to achieved my goal. I think that achieving my goal in six sessions is fab!

“The impact of the coaching has been amazing. I’m now on my 4 year career path to a new business and and personally rewarding career. As well as deciding on my career path, I’ve had a little realisation for my husbands career and how I can help him too.

“Thank you for helping me to focus and understand and make a real plan for my career and own business. 🙂 I couldn’t have got there without you!”

Update from September 2018: I recently caught up with NR and discovered that her career path has taken a natural curve towards starting her own Health Coaching business.

She said: “I completed the first year of the Nutritional Therapist degree course and realised that it was not exactly what I wanted or right for my family, but I learnt a lot and it put me on my path which I’m thankful to you for your help.

“I’ve since completed a health and life coach training with HCI and I’m now setting up and starting my health coaching practice.
“I want to support lots of busy mums like myself take control and action of their health and happiness by helping them change their habits. Both my kids are now at school and we have moved home to a beautiful renovation house by the sea. I never thought we would move but best thing we did!”

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*My client prefers to use her initials due to the personal nature of coaching.