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Release fear and make a confident career change

How often do you ask a friend how work is going only to be greeted with a non-comital shrug and a mumbled, ‘Okay, I guess…but what I really love to be doing is…’ How often have you said this yourself? So many people are stuck in careers that are a bit ‘blah’. There’s often nothing […]

Imposter syndrome sneaks in when success strikes

In the middle of a lively kick off session with a new business coaching client this week I heard a phrase that I hear all too often when listening to clients talk about growing their business or career: “But who am I, little old me, to be thinking this way. To think that I can take on this […]

Redesign your week to create more time

How often do you say “I don’t have enough time”? We all have times in our life when we feel starved for time. With busy family lives, pressure from work or running a business and the ability to be online 24-7, life can get so hectic that we can hardly breathe. But what if you actually […]

8 online tools for business balance

There are so many excellent online tools for business available right now – both free and paid for – especially if you are a sole trader or you have a small team. There are many options, so I thought I’d share the ones that I use regularly to make my business, and my life, more streamlined, productive and balanced.

Seven ways to overcome burnout at work

Whether you are flat out running your own business or working long hours in your job you could be at risk of burnout. But it’s not just the long hours that do it. Not feeling in control of the way that your work is going, a lack of social support or working towards goals that don’t […]