Free workbook - Create more time in your week - by Lucy Stanyer Life CoachHow often do you say “I don’t have enough time”?

We all have times in our life when we feel starved for time. With busy family lives, pressure from work or running a business and the ability to be online 24-7, life can get so hectic that we can hardly breathe.

But what if you actually have more time than you think?

What if you could sleep eight hours a night, exercise once or twice a week or learn a new skill without sacrificing work, family time or another activity that is important to you?

What if you could feel like you had ‘enough time’?

Well you can, and this free workbook shows you how. In this workbook I share the time tracker tool for you to analyse how you currently use your time and create yourself a new weekly schedule.

I use this tool with most of my clients because at some stage they say that they don’t have enough time to do business planning, or that they don’t have the time to do a course for their career, or simply don’t have the right work life balance.

You have more time than you think

If you stop and look at how you really use the hours in your week you’ll find that, with a bit of re- jigging and prioritising, you can dedicate more time to the things that you need and want to do to really thrive.

It does mean making some real changes and ditching a few time-drainers.

The time tracker looks simple on the surface, but if you complete it with brutal honesty about how you use (and waste) your time and are focused on what things are most important in your life and work, then it can be truly transformational.

Does it really work?


Two of my current business coaching clients have recently used this workbook and the Time Tracker to help them redesign their week to make more time for business activities that will grow their business while actually having more time with their children.

One client rearranged when she did housework, stopped taking her son to nursery late therefore she could maximise her time with childcare and scheduled in time for business emails rather than working past midnight every night. She also made room for eating together as a family two nights in the week.  Although she has the same 168 hours in the week, she feels like she’s clear on how to get more done and when to switch off.

Free workbook by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach - Redesign your week to put your most important activities front and centreThe other client’s week had just changed as her youngest had started school, so she had the perfect opportunity to look at how she was using her ‘between school run’ time and evenings to work on her business. She prioritised her most important business tasks and scheduled in slots of time for business planning, stock growth, customer emails, packing, online marketing and bookkeeping.

This client previously worked in an ad hoc way and now feels like she has a clear structure to her week, with flexibility built in. She also has the whole of Sunday with her kids for family time and is loving it!

Another client who came to me for career change coaching is using the Time Tracker tool to look at how she wants her week to be in the ‘new world order’ of her next career path. It’s the perfect opportunity for her to define a new way of using her time to do reduced days in her current role, to free up time to research and retrain to move forwards with her career change in a stepped approach. At the same time, she’s designing in time to grow her blog and still do her volunteer work.

It’s all about working out what’s most important and dropping those time wasting habits that drain our time. This makes us feel stuck and powerless to change.

So, why not have a go at redesigning your week

Grab a glass of wine tonight and pop on some tunes and give it a go. It’s a practical tool and easy to use – there’s a blank Time Tracker on page 4 that so print it off twice, get a pencil and get started.


If you need a hand, drop me a line. Or use the comment box below to share how you got on.

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