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Let your heart, not the world, define what success means to you

It’s easy to get wrapped up in comparing yourself to others, at work, in business and in our families. As we grow up we often seek the approval of others or define ourselves by the standards of someone else, or maybe a group. But as we grow, these definitions can be stifling or unhelpful. One quote […]

It’s all about confidence: Lucy Stanyer Life Coach feature in Faversham News (1 Oct 2015)

After a fun interview with the KM journalist, Bess Browning, last week I am featured in this week’s Faversham News. In the interview I talk about why I love Faversham, why we moved here and about how my coaching – whether business coaching, career coaching or life coaching for mums – helps people get clarity, confidence […]

When will you get your ‘me time’?

“Me time” – sound like a mythical oasis in the desert to you? Well, it doesn’t have to be. This week a snappy little me time infographic popped into my inbox from Happify, and it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. It neatly outlines how many of us don’t take enough time to nurture our hobbies or […]

So, how does coaching work?

One of the most common questions I get is ‘how does coaching work’? Well, coaching is both a process and a relationship – between the client and the coach. Clients come to me because they feel stuck, confused or they are experiencing self doubt. My coaching programmes help them to get clarity, feel more confident and make positive changes to their […]

“Begin, and inspiration will find you…”

One of my all-time favourite quotes. And a fitting theme for my first blog as Lucy Stanyer Life Coach. After reading about blog plans and content schedules for months, now that my blog has been coded into my site I sat here with ‘blog fright’ not knowing what to write. So I went back to basics. The […]