Time to reflect is so important during the run up to Christmas and over the new year period.

It’s easy to run towards Christmas Day like a headless chicken, trying to finish every project, trying to create ‘The Perfect Christmas, chasing that must-have toy and gathering nativity costumes.

Reflect and refocus

So amid all this chaos and festive fun, carve yourself out a little bit time to stop and reflect on your year and what you want to take forward in 2020.

If you need some question prompts to help you with this, then print this page, create yourself a quiet moment with a cuppa and get stuck in. 

14 questions to help you reflect on this year

1)  Describe 2018 in three words?

2)  What are your biggest achievements at home, work or play?

3)  What was your biggest challenges and what did they teach you?

4) What did you say you were going to do in 2019?

5) What didn’t you do in 2019 that you wanted to do?

6) When did you feel inspired, alive or excited this year and why?

7) What new things did you try?

8) Which people did you most enjoy spending time with?

9) What stressed you out?

10) What did you spend too much time on?

11) What would you have liked more of?

12) Did you take a risk that paid off?

13) What did you learn about yourself?

14) What are you most proud of?

So what about 2020?

Once you answer these questions, you’re ready to start visioning and mapping out what you want to take forward and make happen in 2020!

What do you want more of? What do you want less of? Which people do you want to spend more time with? How do you want to ‘be’?

If you’re answers throw you a curve ball or you’d like some impartial support to create the lifestyle or work-life-family balance that you want next year, then you know where I am. 🙂

Cheers to making this year the best year yet!

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