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10 ways to get your business mojo back

Life as a business owner is extremely rewarding, but long hours working alone can be isolating. It’s tricky to stay motivated when it’s just you, your laptop, and an unending to do list. It’s easy to lose your business mojo, and once it’s gone it’s difficult to get back on track. Business mojo and the bubble […]

Get unstuck for 2017 and jump start your business plan

2016 is drawing to a close and thoughts are turning to the New Year and what lies ahead in 2017. If you feel your business efforts this year have been a little lacklustre, or your business plan has gone off piste, then there is a way to inject clarity and energy back into your business. Need […]

Five ways for mums to stop ‘running on empty’

Whether you’re a new mum or your kids are already in school, it’s common to feel like you’re running on empty a lot of the time. I spotted a fascinating article on goop.com about new term for this age-old situation – “postnatal depletion”.  It’s written by Oscar Serrallach, a doctor from New Zealand, who specialises in postnatal […]