How to get your business mojo back - Blog post by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach [Image: woman splashing water at sunset]Life as a business owner is extremely rewarding, but long hours working alone can be isolating.

It’s tricky to stay motivated when it’s just you, your laptop, and an unending to do list.

It’s easy to lose your business mojo, and once it’s gone it’s difficult to get back on track.

Business mojo and the bubble

Running your own business is a very different form of responsibility to working in the corporate world, particularly because you lack the accountability of having a boss.

Nobody’s checking up on you. It’s just you. And it’s easy to lose focus.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

This is a common mindset issue among business owners suffering from the bubble effect of being your own boss.

When you start a business you enter a bubble of isolation. The life and success of your business hinges on your ability to see beyond the bubble. To burst it and reclaim what you lost while you were in there.

I’m talking about your business mojo.

You know, that ineffable thing you once had… You were a whirlpool of creativity, a fountain of passion and energy. You were Go, Go, Go! and you flourished.

All your ambition, drive, determination and conviction that you could make a go of this business thing evaporate when that bubble forms. You’re left a little uncertain, a little lost. You lose momentum and your direction is unclear. And you struggle to identify which task you should do next.

Unable to make a decision you panic, procrastinate, re-write those to do lists, faff about on social media, anything other than focused action that will propel your business forwards.

You’re running on fumes and have zero energy. And motivation? It’s a mirage on the distant horizon. 

What to do when you’ve lost your business mojo

Don’t panic! There are a few things you can do when that bubble is kicking your butt:

1  Simplify

When you’re overwhelmed by your to do list, pick three things to get done today. Write them on a post-it. Focus on the post-it. The post-it is King.

List them in order of importance – which are going to make the most positive difference to your business? Make those three tasks your top priority and dedicate your focus to those alone.

2  Focus on one thing

Forget everything else.

Harness all that negative energy and use it to tackle a really gnarly task you’ve been avoiding. Work on this one task until it’s done, then revel in the glory of its completion.

3  Get energised

Go for a walk around the block, or out into the countryside. Hop on your bike, or nip to an exercise class. Put on your favourite song and have a five minute dance party – you earnt it!

Feel the sun on your face. Release all that pent-up energy and embrace some creative energy instead.

How to get your business mojo back - blog post by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach [Image: woman doing yoga]4  Relax

Take yourself away from your business for twenty minutes and re-connect, mind-body-spirit. I like to slip into my yoga clothes and pop a short yoga video on YouTube. It’s a sure-fire way to get back in the zone.

Top Tip: Check out Yoga with Adrianne. She even has a 10 minute Yoga for Focus & Productivity sequence. Why not give it a whirl?

5  Get inspired

Listen to an inspiring podcast or TED Talk. It could be about business, personal development, or something you’re truly passionate about. This is a great way to reconnect with the ‘why’ of your business.

6  Look at positive feedback

It’s a healthy business habit to keep all your positive customer feedback and client testimonials in one place. You could gather them in a lovely folder, in Evernote or even have some on your wall or pin board.

Then, when you have a tough day or feel a lull in your mojo, you can dip into these to be reminded of just how great you are at what you do and what a difference your products or services make to people.

7  Take care of yourself…

Losing your business mojo is often a sign you’re heading towards burnout, or your work/life balance is out of whack. Find yourself a little me time: run a bath; read a good book for twenty minutes; grab a half hour massage; get an early night.

Things always look fresh and new come the dawn.

Top Tip: Need more time in your week? Download my free workbook, How To Create More Time In Your Week.

8  Ask for help

Phone a friend, your business coach, or pop into a mastermind group on Facebook or LinkedIn. Share your feelings around being stuck. Get some fresh ideas to break you out of your funk.

9  Help someone else

While you’re in those business groups, offer your own ideas and support. Send out an email of thanks or praise to a client, customer or business contact. Offer to write a guest blog for someone.

Random acts of kindness and helping others can give you a real boost.

10  Progression not perfection

Whenever you feel demotivated, look at how far you’ve come. Recognise and celebrate your success so far – you’ve earned it! And remember: success isn’t about perfection, but progression. Seeing just how far you’ve come will give you a real confidence boost, and get you believing in yourself again.

Now, this list is not exhaustive. What ways do you have to get your business mojo back when you’ve lost motivation and direction? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Need help getting your mojo back?

If you’re looking for some one-to-one support to help get your mojo back – and your business on track – book a free discovery call with me today – I’d love to chat to you about how I can help you do just that. 

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