How to create more time in your week - free workbook from Lucy Stanyer Life Coach www.lucystanyerlifecoach.comA career change is not an easy undertaking. It takes courage, preparation, and time. For a lot of people, it is too much time.

They are daunted by the prospect of all that lies ahead. Time poor and convinced they can’t fit it all in they procrastinate. 

Anticipating failure and avoiding it the only way they know how: if you don’t try, you can’t fail.

But if you don’t try, you’ll also never know. You’ll never grow.

But lack of time is often an unavoidable reality, as well as a handy excuse. Finding the time to kickstart your career change make that leap seems impossible, but it’s easier than you think. It can be done with a few simple tweaks to your existing routine.

By redesigning your week you can kickstart your career change and get the ball rolling in no time at all.

Catch 22

There are huge benefits to redesigning your week. You will quickly see how easily you can fit in all the myriad tasks on your Career Change To Do List:

  • Planning
  • Thinking
  • Research
  • Training
  • Work Experience
  • Coaching

It seems unmanageable, ridiculous to think you could fit all of this into your normal working week, especially if you have a family, but it can be done.

I know what you’re thinking:

“There are only so many hours in a day and I’m already using them!

“It’s easy for you to say, but I’m so tired, I don’t have the energy.

I hear you!

You’re a busy professional and you have a life. You’re burnt out, your work-life balance is a joke, and that ‘life’ of yours is going to waste because you’re too tired, too busy, and too frustrated to enjoy it.

It’s a Catch 22. You know you need to work through that To Do list – you need this change – but changing careers is going to take time and energy, and the reason you so desperately need to change careers is that you have no time or energy.

You’re stuck in a rut.

Worse, you’re stuck in a rut that has become an excuse to avoid the taking action needed to bust you out of said rut.

It’s a self-perpetuating rut.

You’re avoiding the very steps needed to decide what you really want and make positive changes.

Making positive steps towards your career change change can take different forms. It can be a complete change of career to something totally new. It can be a shift within your existing career to a new sector that gives you a better work-life balance, less stress and pressure, more creative freedom, or fewer hours.

And it can be a stepped approach that sees you gradually retraining or starting a business while continuing in your existing position, slowly reducing time spent in your current job and building time spent in your new, dream role.

With so many possibilities it’s difficult to know where to start.

It can feel overwhelming.

And this only perpetuates your indecision and reluctance to start.

Free workbook to kickstart your career change 

Image of magazine and wine. Blog post by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach Fortunately, help is at hand.

I’ve put together a great free workbook that will help you redesign your week so you can kickstart your career change.

As you work your way through this fabulous little resource you will see how you can rework your week to fit in little bursts of progress.

It will help you you stay on track, motivated, and find the all-important me time you need to relax and breathe before embarking on your career change.

Getting started is so simple. Just download the free workbook, print it out, and ensure you have it to hand. Carve out an hour. Pop down to the pub for a nice glass of wine. Relax and work your way through it.

Click here to download your free workbook to redesign your week

“It’s amazing how much extra can be achieved when you analyse exactly where the time is going and refocus on the important tasks.” Karen Purnell, coaching client

Actually take your lunch break and leave your desk – head to a nice café, and grab yourself a flat white while you focus on the workbook and the exciting new life you are creating.

Image of magazine and wine. Blog post by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach The exercises in the book will help you figure out exactly how you are spending your time, and restructure things so that you are more productive, and prioritise the most important tasks.

Download the workbook, invest in your future, redesign your week, and take the first step towards your shiny new life today!

Tell me how you get on with the workbook in the comment section below.

Career change coaching

Investing in coaching with me can help you to explore your options and make that decision with confidence.

Through my career coaching programme we’ll uncover what you really want from your work life – and work-life balance – and which career direction is right for you.

We will brainstorm your ideas, strengths and skills, and explore the training or networking that could fast-track your career shift.

Most importantly, I will help you build a brilliant action plan to make your career dreams a reality.

Free discovery session

Book now buttonContact me for your free discovery session to find out how coaching can help you get the clarity and confidence you need to make your career change and make the most of your work-life balance.

There’s no obligation and no charge for this 45 minute discovery call. If you like my approach, then we can book your first session and start your journey to making change with confidence.

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