Well. You know that us Coaches are keen on goals… well, I recently achieved a really big one for me.

Last Wednesday, I finally ran 5K on the last run of the Couch to 5K programme! 🏃‍♀️

I can’t believe that I did it – it seemed impossible back in July when I started. I always have said “I don’t/can’t/won’t run” and now I can.

Just goes to show what can be achieved when you get a goal and take it one step at a time.


What it feels like to finally run 5K

I wrote my first blog post about Couch to 5K back in September when I had just finished week three. It was about the mindset shift that I had at that point that “I can run”. Even though I was still in the run-walk-run-walk interval stage – which is why the programme works by the way – I had already begun to change my thinking and my attitude.

How I did it

How many times have you wanted to do something and then thought about the enormity of it, freaked yourself out and ended up doing nothing?

I didn’t follow the 9 week plan by the exact week (that’s three runs a week) I took about 6 months in total, so about twice the time.

Breaks when I wasn’t feeling well were important to have. In those times I did a few stretches or gentle yoga and made sure that I picked up the programme as soon as I was feeling better.

The most important thing was being committed to working through the programme, one run at a time.

I understood the parallels with the coaching work that I do with clients.

It also helped to look at my schedule and the weather forecast for the week ahead and put the runs into my calendar . Like this, I made space for them as a priority in my week.

They weren’t always on the same day or time. Although I personally find that going straight from the school run on a day when I drop my daughter at breakfast club is a good time to get it done, shower and crack on with the day.

You can read more about how I got started on my original post where I also talk about the extra and unexpected benefits it’s also brought me.

Have you done Couch to 5K? How did you find it? Where has it taken you next?

Have you got something that you want to achieve but feel intimidated or simply just don’t know how to get started?

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