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Work-life-family balance….what’s that?

Whether you have big kids, little kids, ageing parents who need support or people in your community who reply on your each week, getting the right balance between your work, your family goals and personal life is key.

Work-life-family balance helps you feel on control, not of every moment, but of your priorities, your focus, your time and who your Most Important People are to spend that precious time with.

A Family Inspiration Board can help to lift the spirits and give some balance to your year.

The end of the year…

On New Year’s Eve we often dream of starting the year afresh, with good intentions and lofty new year’s resolutions.

But in reality, many of us will begin 2019 with a feeling of discontent and our work-life-family balance already out of whack.

My coaching clients regularly talk to me about how work and chores still take over their evenings and weekends at the expense of doing what they really want – being creative, getting fit and spending more quality time with their kids.

But how do you actually do this?

A Christmas PJ day

Over Christmas, we always take a day to chill out in our PJs and create out Family Inspiration Board to capture the things that we want to do, or experience, or change, or see…and how we want to be in the year ahead.

It’s actually my favourite day of the holidays when we take the time to reflect on all the things we did that year. This year talked about what we did, how we felt, plus what made us happy, laugh and feel.

Our Family Inspiration Board

Sometimes we print off pictures of the things we have done before – like holidays and outings with friends and family – or we use images from google to represent things we want to do that are new.

We then use these pictures to create a visual inspiration board – usually stuck on our spare room door! Check out our 2017 board!

Last Christmas we used a spider diagram to plot out our plans and priorities for 2019. While less colourful, was a neat way to look at experiences or people that were connected. For example, doing more walks in nature and working our allotment link nicely as we wanted to make the most of walks that we can do from the allotment.

We also had a big goal to reduce our single-use plactics, so we created a plan specifically for that. So far we’ve implemented quite a bit of that including using bamboo toothbrushes, soap bars and a subscription to Who Gives A Crap loo roll!

Our Family Inspiration Board always helps us keep our personal and family goals front and centre alongside work and business goals.

It also helps us look at how we use our time during the week and make tweaks to create the space for the things that make us feel good. I have a free workbook to download to help you redesign your week.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t achieve everything or you make changes to the plan. What matters is that you’re living the life that you want.

So inspire yourselves to include a little more of what you fancy and a few ‘shoulds’ for a really happy 2019!

Free discovery session

Get in touch to book your free discovery session to find out how coaching can help you get clarity confidence and improve your work-life-family balance. There’s no obligation and no charge for this 45-minute discovery call. If you like my approach, then we can book your first session and start your journey to make changes with confidence.

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