At New Year we often dream of starting the year afresh, with good intentions and lofty resolutions. But in reality many people will have begun 2017 with a feeling of discontent and with their work-life-family balance already out of whack.

A Family Inspiration Board can help to lift the spirits and give some balance to your year.

A clear start to the year

[Image: family of three in white tops in field] Create your work-life-family balance with a Family Inspiraion Board. Blog post by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach www.lucystanyerlifecoach.comI’m sure you’ve been thinking about what you want to achieve this year, or at least in the next few months.

My coaching clients regularly talk to me about how work and chores still take over their evenings and weekends at the expense of doing what they really want – being creative, getting fit and spending more quality time with their kids.

But how do you actually do this?

While setting New Year’s resolutions is admirable, most people’s motivation dwindles somewhere around February unless they are diligently working on SMART goals (which, of course, as a Coach I do love) or some other form of motivation.

In the Stanyer house, we have our Family Inspiration Board

[Image: pictures on a door} Create your family inspiration board in 2017 by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach lucystanyerlifecoach.comOver Christmas each year we have a family day where we stay in our PJs, crank up the heating, eat our favourite comfort food and create our Family Inspiration Board.

It’s actually my favourite day of the holidays, when we take the time to reflect on all the things we did that year. This year talked about what we did, how we felt, plus what made us happy, laugh and feel.

We did a lot of camping trips in 2016 including our big adventure in France and Spain and camping with friends.

We talked a little bit about what made us stressed or frustrated and things that need to change so that we can do something about those in 2017.

For example, changing our childcare to help our daughter transition to school hours in September and prioritising going to bed early to be less grumpy with each other.

We also look at what we did or didn’t do from what we had on our board last year, which felt really good as we have done loads of it and had a fun year!.

How we created our inspiration board

After reviewing the year – and munching on some marshmallows – we talked about what we want to do this year. We put all the thoughts ideas on post it notes, but you could use a mind map in a big bit of paper or whatever you like. The idea is to let it all flow as a naturally conversation, then organise it after.

We talked about what things we want to do more of/less of and new things we want to do. Plus ways we want to be and what vibe we want to create.

[Image: father and daughter on beach] Create your work-life-family balance with a Family Inspiration Board. Blog post by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach. www.lucystanyerlifecoach.comThen I find pictures from our own photos (like camping with friends, events we’ve been to, silly pics at home etc) and also pictures of things or places from Google images (e.g. the bell tent we might buy).

I print them out and pop them up on the outside of my office door with a few key words to group things together. Our keyword for the year is Simplify, so that’s front and centre.

You could use a large pin board in your kitchen or lounge or even stick them up in your loo! If you have graphics skills you could even photoshop into a poster.

Personally, I like the separate items with the flexibility of being able to add to it over the year.

How does our inspiration board give us work-life-family balance?

We walk past this door all the time, so it’s a great daily inspiration for all the fun things we want to do together and represents some of our personal goals too, like watching more rugby or getting more ‘me time’ to read and see friends.

It helps my husband and I to keep our personal and family goals front and centre alongside his works, my business and the practical things we have to do at home. Then we are less likely to let those things take over and have a better balance over the year.

It also helps us look at how we use our time during the week and make tweaks to create the space for the things that make us feel good. I have a free workbook to download to help you redesign your week.

It doesn’t matter if each and every idea isn’t realised or if you change things up. What matters is that you’re living the life that you want.Only you can make those changes to your approach and to your life.

So inspire yourselves to include a little more fun and a few less chores for a really happy 2017.

What would you have on your Family Inspiration Board? Feel free to share how you get inspired or how you create work-life-family balance in your life. 

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