NJ* – case study, career coaching client

Let your heart, not the world, define what sucess means to you - branded meme

Canterbury, Kent

NJ was on maternity leave from a successful career in marketing and came to coaching to understand her thoughts and feelings about her return to work, and design a new way forward. 

“Being a new mum and returning to work full time was one of the hardest and most daunting decisions of my life.

“Having been in complete control of my career up until my maternity leave I felt I was taking a leap into the unknown and the guilt I felt as a mum was overpowering.

“Working with Lucy helped me prioritise and understand better the complex balance that I needed to grasp and gave me confidence to go out and achieve my career goals without sacrificing my family balance, in fact putting it at the heart of my decision making.

“Lucy helped me get perspective on my life at a time when I really needed it. She was patient and listened and gave me the most tailored support.”

My mind works very quickly and often thinks a number of steps ahead. Lucy understood completely my dilemma and met the needs with a clearly defined goal. Through listening to my brief, she responded in terms that I understood and kept me motivated and moving through the plan.

“I finished the coaching with a clear and defined plan of what needed to be done, with achievable steps to attain it. Coaching focused my mind and gave me encouragement to achieve goals that I was not sure how to achieve at the beginning of the process.

“I found the coaching enlightening. It was brilliant to have a different perspective on my life in general and a positive way to take things forward.”

“The Wheel of life exercise was the most useful tool as it really helped me focus on the key dimensions of my life and what was imbalanced. And the focus on my CV and a second perspective on how potential employers view my CV was really useful. It is easy to get used to something and not see what needs to be done to generate a step change in the momentum.

“By becoming more focused I am more determined to achieve my goals. This means I am not wasting time of career elements that are not important and saving time by focusing on what matters to me. It also allows me to not get upset/angry at the smaller things that have a negative impact on me in the working environment and to remain focused on the longer term goals I have.”

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*My client prefers to use her initials due to the personal nature of coaching.