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L&F walking review your year blog www.lucystanyerlifecoach.comHmm, review the year through your phone...this doesn't sound like a sophisticated coaching technique does it? :)

Well, it's not. But it is very effective.

In other areas of my life I'm making strides to use my phone less, but last night I inadvertently reviewed my 2018 through my iPhone.

I was creating some wood block photo calendars for the Grandparents on Snapfish and needed to choose which photos to include.

So I took the time to run through my phone photos and really enjoyed reflecting on all the wonderful things we've done this year.

Holidays, family and friends

As well as our epic time at WOMAD festival and our holidays in Devon and France and joining The People's Vote March in London in October, going through the photos also reminded me that we had some fantastic times low key times too.

F at beach review the year blog www.lucystanyerlifecoach.comChilling in the garden with the paddling pools with friends after school, lighting sparklers on fireworks night or geocaching on a walk in the country were some of my favourite moments. Plus all the cycling we did in the UK and France.

Flicking through the pictures I realised what a great year we've had.

It's so easy, week to week, to focus on what's not going well, the current challenge you're trying to solve or simply focussing on how busy life can get.

Looking back was a lovely reminder of the things we did that I'd forgotten about. Like spontaneous beachcombing, simple things like our daughter playing with bubbles in the bath and stretching homemade slime. Good times!

Time to reflect

Time to reflect is so important during the run up to Christmas and over the new year period.

It's easy to run towards December 31st trying to finish every work or home project. As well as trying to create 'The Perfect Christmas, chasing that must-have toy and gathering nativity costumes.

So amid all this chaos and festive fun, carve yourself out a little bit time to stop and reflect on your year and what you want to take forward in 2019.

Whether you use your photos and your phone, or a pencil and paper, here are five questions to help you reflect on your year in 2018.

Five questions to help you reflect on this year

J&F cycling review your year blog www.lucystanyerlifecoach.com1)  Describe 2018 in three words?

2)  What are your biggest achievements at home, work or play?

3)  When did you feel inspired, alive or excited this year and why?

4) When did you feel at your lowest this year and why?

5)  What lessons have you learned?

So what about 2019?

Once you answer these questions, you’re ready to start visioning and mapping out what you want to take forward and make happen in 2019!

Cheers to making this year the best year yet!

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