Deb Toulson Kip McGrath Business Coaching Client Lucy Stanyer Life CoachDeborah Toulson,Owner of the Kip McGrath tutoring franchise in Salisbury, Wiltshire, was feeling overwhelmed with ‘wearing all the hats’ in her business and needed support to get clarity on her business direction.

Deborah decided to invest in my small business coaching programme to get a clear business plan in place for 2016/2017, to develop a strategy for communicating better with parents and potential customers – and to make changes to achieve a better work-life balance.

She said: “I am just a different business owner from two years ago when I first begun working with Lucy. I have really achieved so much more than I ever thought possible.

“My business has had it’s best growth period since I started 13 years ago! Her support and guidance has been the best.”

Deborah initially signed up for a 12 month business coaching programme and we kicked the year off with a two hour face-to-face in-depth planning session. In this sessions we really got under the skin of where her business was at, what she wanted from a better work-life balance and a brilliant brainstorm to tease out all the options for the business and her marketing moving forward.

This formed a solid basis for the whole coaching process. And with Deborah’s new vision and hard work, the basis for her best growth period ever.

“Lucy really got the grasp of my business. She helped me structure a business plan and way forward in so many areas in 2016/7″, she continued. “Lucy also lead a superb planning session at the beginning.”

“I have realised that I can achieve a lot without so much stress if I just pace myself. I’m definitely less stressed and more relaxed about my current business – and my new business, Maths Tutor Online.”

Deborah booked an initial free discovery call with me to learn about how the coaching would work and for us to see if we clicked.

Deb Toulson best biz growth quote“Her free discovery call was a great way to introduce herself and for me to get to know her. We hit it off and I knew I could work with her.

“Lucy is a great listener. She brings a new perspective on issues and make super suggestions that are achievable.

“I want to say a massive thank you to her for being a super mentor.”

You can read more about Deborah’s experience of coaching here.

Do you have a small business and need to refocus and create a new route-map for success? Has your business sent your work-life-family balance out of whack?

Would you like to have your best growth period ever? 

If you’d need to give your business a boost, get a clear vision, boost your marketing and get your personal, family and business goals aligned, then take a look at my three levels of business coaching.

  1. 2hr Jump Start business planning session.
  2. Six month small business coaching programme.
  3. 12 month business coaching programme.

Bespoke packages can be created on request, including workshops and training sessions.

Free Discovery Call

Book your free discovery call now - in touch to book your free discovery session and find out how coaching can help you get clarity and grow your small business with confidence.

There’s no obligation and no charge for the 45 minute discovery call.

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