Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you feeling like you can’t see the wood for the trees and don’t know know what to focus on?

Overwhelmed? Try this 3-step method to simplify your life and find focus - a blog by Lucy Stanyer Life Coach

Yup. It happens to the best of us at certain points in life. Especially when we find ourselves multi-tasking more than we want to.

In the last 5 weeks we’ve been the house of the lurgy with endless infections and viruses.

While I’m so grateful to have a flexible business with my coaching practice and can shift many things around to take the little one to the doctors or have her at home, it still takes it’s toll.

Try this 3-step method to simplify your life and find your focus.

Lucy Stanyer Life Coach

I feel like I’ve been on ‘catch up’ mode since the start of October and there have definitely been times when I have felt like I’ve lost focus.

And now we are in that final thrust of the year with plenty to do at work or in your business and the extra Christmas to do list growing by the day. It’s easy to get – and stay – overwhelmed.

When I feel overwhelmed, aside from a bit of a whinge to hubby 🙂 I use this simple-yet-effective method to regain my focus and work out the most important to give my time and energy to.

Whether you’re overwhelmed in business or feeling overwhelmed with life in general, try this 3-step method to simplify your life and find your focus.

Finding what’s important

To find your focus, you need to know what’s important to you right now. Once you know this, you can make decisions easier and have more clarity about what to do next.

1. Group your things to do into categories

List out all the categories that are in your life right now. under some useful headings.  Some of the general ones could be family, friends, health, community, money, spirituality, home, business or career, personal growth, marriage/relationship, children, hobbies, physical health, mental health (time for you!) and so on.

2. Order your categories by importance

Now, order your categories by the most important to the least important. You can use post it notes for this.

I either stick them to the wall or to a yoga mat on the floor, and can then move them around to settle on the final order of importance.

It may feel like all of them are, but think of it this way… if they are all important, than nothing is important. Right? 😉

Take some quiet time to do this, with some favourite music on and no distractions, to allow yourself to listen to your head, heart and gut in creating this guide to what’s most important to you right now.

You’ve now created your guide for decision making and choosing something to take action on next.

3. Take action against overwhelm

Using your guide, consider the things that you have on your to do list in light of your priorities.

For example, if family is higher up in your priorities than work and you’re having to decide between two Christmas events on the same night, then you can feel confident that focusing on the event with your family is the right way to go, as you’ve already deemed it more important to you.

Everything is your decision, and what you choose to think about it. Try not to let the ‘shoulds’ creep in.

It’s OK to acknowledge that what’s important to you right now may change over time as you evolve and move onto the next chapter of your life.

Do what you need to do and what feels right for you.

After using this guide to find your focus, then it’s time to simplify your to do list and schedule using this guide as a steer.

Let me know how you get on. 

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