My fave podcasts for a business boost - Lucy Stanyer Life CoachPodcasts are having a resurgence, especially in the business space. They can be a great way to give your business – and your business thinking – a boost.

Now, you may think that you have no time in the day to listen to podcasts. Yet it’s surprisingly easy to fit them into your working day.

You can download them to your phone or iPod and listen to them on the train or on your drive to work. If you work from home you can listen to them through your laptop while you are doing simple business tasks or in an office, pop on your headphones while you’re sifting your emails and get a shot of business inspiration at the same time. Some people even listen to podcasts while they are ironing!

It’s also easy to get overwhelmed by what podcasts are available and who to follow, so I’ve compiled five of my favourites for you to check out.

My five fave business podcasts

The Girls Mean Business by Claire Mitchell

An bountiful resource of all things biz and marketing. Claire’s podcasts cover a wealth of business topics including advice on productivity, daily marketing tips, how to get more customers, confidence with selling more products or services and much more. Topics include How do I price my time, Work from anywhere girl and Are you building business monsters? by Denise Duffield-Thomas

Technically a vlog, but brilliant just the same. Denise is a money mindset mentor and in her weekly video blogs offer a cool blend of Law of Attraction, business nouse and down-to-earth humour to inspire women to release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control over their finances. Vlog titles include How to get out of debt, How to talk to your parents about your business and The myth of overnight success.

Blogging Brilliantly by Christine Tremoulet

Christine is an author, Business & Marketing Coach and a self professed Blog Geek. Her blogging Brilliantly podcast inspires you to use the power of sharing your story through blogging and social media to really stand out in your market. Her weekday episodes are short tips and the Weekend Edition episodes are longer with special guests from the online marketing and blogging world. Topics include Overcome blog shame, Instagram Traffic and How I named WordPress.

Connect and Convert – Client Attraction Secrets for Entrepreneurs by Mui Tsun

A new podcast on the block from a fab WordPress Ninja and Client Attraction Strategist Mui Tsun. Her podcast is targeted at female entrepreneurs who are who are struggling to get clients. The episodes are short doses of inspiration and actionable insights on how you can attract more clients in an authentic and non-salesy way. Topics include Word of mouth referrals and how to get them and Don’t stick your tongue down someone’s throat – what you should never do on social media.

Amy Porterfield Podcast

A great listen for practical tips and inspiration for business owners to maximise the power of social media and increase the success of their online marketing efforts. Topics include How to add urgency to your next promotion, 5 video marketing mistakes most businesses make and Should you narrow your niche?

Show and tell

So who is on your podcast playlist? Do you have a favourite business podcast? If you do, please share in the comment box below.

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