Disruptor….you may have heard this term being kicked about in business articles and online. But what does it mean and how and why should you do it?

Being a Disruptor business means that you’re able to harness a new angle, approach, product, service or way of being in business that disrupts the status quo of the main players in your field.

Why is this important?

Well, if you want to have an edge on established businesses in your sector, grow your business and customer base and offer a better experience of a service or product, better values, with enhanced customer service.

Try thinking with your disruptor hat on to look at how you can offer your customers a new ways to engage with what you offer, or looking at the customer experience to find a need in the market  that you can meet in a more agile way than the ‘bog boys’.

I’ve shared three videos below to give you inspiration of how you can put your disruptor hat on when thinking about your business.

How to get this fresh look at your market?

If you struggle to do this alone, then why not gather a group of friends for some brainstorming, do a survey of your customers to identify new needs or preferences.

You can also hire a coach to act as an impartial sounding board and to provide a structured exploration of your business, your approach, your messaging and your opportunities.

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What does it mean to be a disruptor?

In the first of a six-part series in partnership with Salesforce, we talk to six executives from six disruptive brands about the disruptive mindset.

What it Means to be a Disruptor – Nadine Todd

Nadine has a fresh take on this topic with an example from the education sector. She talks about how disruptors “zag when everyone else is zigging” and “then zag with a purpose”.

How to be a ‘Disruptor’ in business?

Keith Krach sits down with Don Thompson (former CEO of McDonald’s), Rick Smith and James Beer to discuss how to be a disruptor in the business world.

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