As the year draws to a close our thoughts are naturally turning to plans for the new year, and what we hope to achieve in our business development in 2020.

Social media is a key part of your marketing and understanding the rising trends on social platforms is essential.

Whether you’re looking to build on your existing success this year or searching for the best way to boost your business, social media is a powerful tool.

Here are four social media trends to harness in 2020. Why not build into your marketing plan from January?

Video, video, video…

Social media runs on video. This has been a growing trend for several years now and is only going to continue to become increasingly vital in 2020.

Every single social platform is now integrating video, most (like Facebook and Instagram) with their own self-hosted channels.

In fact, Facebook’s current algorithms severely penalise accounts that don’t use video content, giving priority to those who share videos on a regular basis.

More than that, it’s not enough to share links to videos on YouTube. Facebook wants to keep you on Facebook, which means uploading original video content directly to the platform.

Start creating your primary content in video form. Whether that means utilising Facebook slideshows, vlogging on YouTube, going live or creating your own IGTV channel on Instagram.

Facebook have made it easier to share your native video across Facebook and Instagram via their own, new, Creator Studio.

Even Pinterest is now supporting (and favouring!) video pins.

Social platforms as search engines…

For years we’ve been told of the vital importance of SEO and the ability to rank on Google. But social media platforms are increasingly functioning like search engines.

YouTube is one giant search engine (second only to Google itself), while Pinterest has more in common with a search engine than it does other social platforms like Facebook.

Twitter and Instagram’s use of hashtags makes them equally searchable, and it’s time to stop thinking of SEO and social media as separate concerns and start viewing your social platforms as search engines and optimising your content accordingly. 

Short, crisp info for the win…

Our attention spans are increasingly short, and the most engaging social content is short, crisp, snappy, and easily digestible.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use longer posts where appropriate, but rather that it’s important to use a good mix. If you record long videos, create a bite-size teaser as well.

If you’ve written a blog post, pull out the best quote and create a visual, posting only the quote and a link to the full post as your text.

Try using Canva – a free, online and super user-friendly design package for this. I love Canva and you can find lots of YouTube tutorials

Once upon a time…

Stories are incredibly powerful in marketing, and the art of storytelling will do more or your social engagement than anything else.

Share anecdotes and stories that highlight the best features of your business. Share successes, failures, frustrations, and concerns, as well as commentaries on rising trends and controversial issues in your niche. 

The more you incorporate narratives into your posts, and share content in the form of stories, the better your engagement will become. 

Remember, you don’t have to do everything all at once.

Start with one of these trends, learn as you go, and once you’ve got to grips with your first choice, move on to the next and add an additional string to your social bow.

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