In a world of business tips, soundbites and 3 minute video blogs, sometimes there’s nothing better than getting immersed in an inspiring business book.

Whether you crave a brand new hard back copy, download one on your Kindle or listen to audio books, a good business book helps you think objectively about your business. Plus pick up tips and tools to grow your business the smart way.

In our sessions, my business coaching clients often mention the books that they are reading that inspire them or have made a real impact on their business thinking and business development. So I asked them to share their personal choice and why they recommend it.

FUFBookBlogMichelle Gyimah

Pregnancy & Parental Rights Consultant at Equality Pays

Michelle recommends Fired Up & Focused: End overwhelm, turn your dreams into inspired action, get your life back in 21 days, By Rachael Cook.
Michelle said: “Fired Up & Focused is about the ‘how’ to design and run your business your way. It focuses on practical things such as how to work more productively, set your back-end systems the importance of self-care and how to ‘resonate’ and find clients that love to work with you.
“This book was recommended to me in a Facebook business group and at the time I was struggling with everyday overwhelm in running my business but not seeing the results. It was great as it broke down the necessary steps I needed to take into easy to understand and do chunks.
“The key thing I learn from it is that it is so important to have back-end processes in place. It’s really easy to get caught up with the ‘sales’ side of things, but this book really focuses on customer/client care and how that is what will bring you repeat sales.
 “It’s perfect for anyone still unsure of their niche or business style. It’s definitely a book that I go back to time and time again.”

content machineMichelle also recommends Content Machine by Dan Norris:
“It’s a fantastic book for businesses that want to focus on bringing clients to them through their content. It’s a refreshing alternative to books and websites that focus purely media as a way to gain clients.
“It’s a life saver for anyone who runs a business who finds that just posting on Facebook LinkedIn isn’t working for them.”

emythDeborah Toulson

Co-Owner and Tutor at Kip McGrath Salisbury

Deborah recommends The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Deborah said: “This book is about the stages that a business goes through as it grows and the systems and processes you need to set up, so that you don’t become overwhelmed with working IN your business rather than ON your business.

“It was recommended to me as I was beginning to be swamped down by all the roles I was doing in the business, and finding I didn’t have time to work on growing my business.

“It is written in an accessible way, by first looking at a typical service business example. He models how this business owner needs to think and act if she is to survive being swamped down by the day to day running of her business. It turns out that as she grows she needs to delegate jobs and processes in a structured way that will release her to continue growing the business. It really resonated with me!

“I think we all go through the stages that Michael Gerber talks about, so it will mean something to every owner of a growing business AND is equally useful for people starting out in business, so they are fore-warned.”

The E Myth Revisited is also recommended by Julie Davis, Owner and Teacher at Julie Davies Flower Workshops.
Julie said: “I liked this book because it offers case studies and insights into pitfalls for small businesses. The most frequent being that just because you like flowers, for instance, doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful in business as a florist.  You need to run your business as if its 10 years old and you’re about to sell on. Making sure that it has systems and processes in place.
“You have to run your business (with systems and processes) – it can’t run you.  If it does, it’ll run you into the ground and your business (and health) may fail.
 “It’s the only business book I’ve read – although I have educated myself on specific issues such as copywriting, email marketing, social media etc as the need has arisen – in the main I’ve done this by signing up to online classes, watching YouTube and occasionally reading a book!”

Getting_Things_DoneWarren Wilson

Owner of Mail Boxes Etc in Canterbury

Warren recommends Getting Things Done by David Allen.

Warren said: “This book is about lists and organisation. Getting things out of your head and on to paper so it is not stuck in your subconscious.

“The book was was suggested by a friend and it focuses on how getting things out of your head frees space for more ideas to form.

“It also talks about how organisation can be quite calming.”

How they started…and a recommendation from me

One of the best business books that has inspired me is How They Started: How 30 good ideas became great businesses, by David Lester.

I love this book because essentially it’s 30 case studies of business owners who started companies such as Bravissimo, Innocent, Dyson and GU.

How They Started demystifies how these entrepreneurs started out, how their idea grew, how they honed their niche and researched the market and navigated obstacles.

It’s fascinating to read about how the seed of an idea can ultimately de developed into a thriving business and an international brand.

What business books have you read? What would you recommend to other business owners? Where have you found your business inspiration?

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