AN* – case study, life coaching client

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AN came to life coaching towards the end of her maternity leave to gain some focus and deal with ‘generalised frustration’ and feelings of inertia, especially in terms of her career. 

“I sought out life coaching because I felt a bit stuck. I was due to return to work after having a baby, but the job was dull and left me deflated and frustrated.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m really pleased at the practical things that I’ve done as a result of the coaching – i.e. it wasn’t just ‘think about how you tend to do x’.

“The changes I’ve made as a result of the coaching are things I probably could have done years ago but wasn’t brave enough, but having Lucy there to hold my hand but also challenge me to push my boundaries has been so helpful.

“Lucy pointed out how many times in our sessions I would say ‘in an ideal world, I’d do XYZ..’ and that in reality, there was no reason why I couldn’t try and pursue those goals.”

“Lucy responded to my pace and approach very well. I didn’t feel rushed, but at the same time she moved things along so we made progress at each session. Her style is quite informal, which worked well for me and probably meant that I opened up a bit more.

“It was great having a sounding board and someone to show me that it was up to me to make changes – there weren’t necessarily obstacles where I was seeing them – and the weekly sessions gave me a deadline to get things done by.

“Because of the changes I’ve made in terms of work, I’m less frustrated at work, less bothered about the boredom, and less whingey about it. I also don’t feel quite as much pressure to find a new job because I’m pursuing this new avenue, which will hopefully be positive for my career in the long-run. And I’m nervously excited about what I might be able to do….

“I’m proud of myself for actually *doing* those things, rather than just wishing I could. And I definitely have Lucy to thank for that. I really hope that I stick to the lessons I’ve learned in the sessions, and fingers crossed that this year will be one I look back on as a turning point in my life.”

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*My client prefers to use her initials due to the personal nature of coaching.