Georgia O’Reilly – career change to business start up

[Image: sunflower background with text on saying Without the coaching I don’t think I would have launched my business by now. "Lucy made me believe I could do it, but also kept my feet on the ground with practical advice. Georgia OReilly Career Coaching testimonial for Lucy Stanyer Life Coach

Sittingbourne, Kent

Georgia came to coaching after leaving a career in nursing.

She had a world of possibilities in front of her but didn’t know which direction to take. 

Through our coaching sessions Georgia explored her personal and professional values, her interests and experience, how she wants to work and where.

I helped her to create her own framework to weigh up her options for new work or starting a business.

Georgia decided to start up a business – called Petit Apparel – selling baby clothes from around the world, in particular the cute baby and toddler clothes from Spain and France.

After the coaching programme, I asked Georgia how the coaching supported her in her career change journey.

She said: “I feel I did meet my coaching goals.  I needed help in finding what I wanted to do next in my career and you helped me work through different ideas.

“I needed someone to talk things through with. Simply talking through everything at each session, this helped me sort things mentally and gave me a focus on what to achieve before the next session.

A better work-life balance?

“You totally understood what was most important to me and we focused on me achieving a better work- life balance.”

“You matched my style and pace well. Our sessions felt like meeting a very knowledgeable and understanding friend for coffee!

“You were empathetic when I had a wobble, and in between sessions you sent me messages that inspired and helped build my confidence, which I really needed.”

“Without the coaching I don’t think I would have launched my business by now.  You made me believe I could do it but also kept my feet on the ground with practical advice.

What was the biggest impact from the coaching?

“Surprisingly coaching really helped me drill down and realise what I didn’t want, this helped immensely and I think saved me making some mistakes in my decision making.

“Coaching has had a positive impact on my life. Although we focused on my career and starting my small business, it also has helped in making decisions in family life.”

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