Sample coaching agreement


We are about to embark on a career coaching journey together.

Coaching is a forward focused process that will help you to set meaningful goals and make regular progress towards achievement of those goals.

Coaching is not a substitute for counselling, directive advice or therapy. It’s about getting the very best out of you and empowering you to make decisions to improve your life.

I will bring 100% of my energy, ideas and focus to your coaching sessions. You will make the most positive changes when you do the same.

Your sessions

You have booked the six session career coaching programme, which consists of 1 x 90 minute kick-off session and 5 x 60 minute coaching sessions plus email support, coaching tools, exercises and templates.


Session 1 [insert date, time and location]*

Session 2 [insert date, time and location]

Session 3 [insert date, time and location]

For any telephone sessions, please call through to me on 07966 171428 at the agreed time.

We can book the exact dates of sessions 4-6 in the session as we go along. This gives room for spreading the sessions weekly or fortnightly depending on where your actions are at by that point.


The price for the coaching programme is £XXX. Payment details are below and in the invoice that accompanies this agreement.

The initial six session programme is to be used within 8 months of the date of the first session, after which time the sessions will not be guaranteed. However, I will always do my best to honour sessions if I do have availability beyond the 8 month cut off.

If you’d like any additional or follow up sessions at the end of the initial booked programme, that’s no problem at all and can be arranged at a discounted rate.

Your details




Home phone

Skype name:

Our agreement


I, [insert client name], agree to:

  1. Be on time and fully prepared for each coaching session including completing agreed actions and filling in a Your Focus form to send to my coach 24hrs before the session time.
  2. Remember that every coaching session is confidential and that it is in my best interests to be absolutely honest.
  3. Give as much notice as possible and at least 48 hours**, if I need to reschedule a coaching session.
  4. Pay the agreed fees due to my coach, in full and on time. The first payment must be made before the coaching sessions can begin.
  5. Accept that I am absolutely responsible for my own actions and decisions, and that I initiate this coaching relationship on this basis.
  6. Raise with you, my coach, anything that I am unhappy about in our coaching relationship.
  7. The following payment details – [insert fee] to be paid before the first session by bank transfer to the following account: Account name: Mrs Lucy V Stanyer, Sort Code: XX-XX-XX  Account Number: XXXXXXXX, bank is Smile. Please use your name as payment reference.***

8. Recognise the coaching process is an investment in your development.

9. Open to challenges to your thoughts, ideas, working practices

10. Have 100% commitment to the coaching process and take the action that I set in order to move my life and career forward with confidence.

Signed by client:                                                            Date:


I, Lucy, agree and demonstrate my commitment to you and our coaching relationship by:

1. Being available for each coaching session on time and fully prepared.

2. Giving you as much notice as possible if, for any reason, I need to reschedule a coaching session.

3. Maintaining 100% confidentiality with you unless required by law to disclose information you have given me.

4. Being totally focussed on your needs and committed to empowering you to take the steps you need to achieve your ambitions and goals.

5. Support, encourage & challenge you to reach your full potential.

6. To be non-judgmental, objective & open throughout the coaching process.

7. Referring you to another source of support if at any time we mutually agree that coaching is not the most appropriate way forward for you at this time in your life. We will work together to determine whether termination of sessions and/or referral a GP/counsellor or other source of support is required.

8. All records and reports resulting from the sessions will be kept securely during the process and properly destroyed at the end.

9. Raising with you if at any time I identify that you are not fully committed to your goals and agreed actions so that we can determine the most appropriate course of action.

10. I agree to coach you to the best of my ability, with 100% of my energy and commitment.

Signed by coach:                                               Date:

* Abbey Place Clinic parking

For any sessions that we have at Abbey Place Clinic clinic, the address and info is on the website Parking outside is only for 1 hour. You can park in nearby Church Road or Tesco for up to 2 hours which is about a 5 minute walk (Tesco postcode is ME13 7AS). Tesco carparks now use a number plate recognition system. You get 2hrs parking for spending £5 in store and you then get a parking validation ticket.

Directions from Tesco: If facing Tesco look right and take the exit down the steps into church road then turn left towards the church. Follow the walkway round the church, past the church yard then past the school on the right. When you get to the end you are in Abbey Place, the old chapel is the large Victorian building opposite you, set between number 5 & 6 Abbey Place. Go through the black iron side gate and the clinic is the 2nd door on the left.

Alternatively there is the Central Car Park in the middle of own right by the swimming pool. You can cut through an arched alley way next to the back of Natwest to come through to the market place. From there, walk north through the market place, ask Ask Italian, up Abbey Street past the Phoenix pub, then a right turn into Abbey Place.

**If less than 48hrs notice is given for rescheduling or cancelling a session then the session must be paid for, or if part of a programme, we will move to the next session. However, I will make every effort to reschedule if I have availability.

***In the event of termination of this agreement during the coaching process, when a mutually agreed period of notice is given, I will refund any fees you have paid for sessions not carried out.