How to tackle a big goal – my Moon Walk Marathon!

Image: Lucy Stanyer Life Coach on a training walk at Whitstable - blog about big goals - www.lucystanyerlifecoach.comDo you have a big goal?

A big goal that you really want to achieve but just seems impossible.

If you spend too long thinking about the massive gap between where you are now and where you want to get to, there’s a high chance that you’ll never get started.

A big goal – like changing career, taking on a challenge event or launching a new product or service in your business – can seem insurmountable at first.

Yet, with a clear goal, a step-by-step plan and a spoonful of motivation, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve!

My big goal – the London Moon Walk Marathon

Moon Walk outfit picThis Saturday, 12 May, I will be walking 26.2 miles through London in the night as part of the London Moon Walk Marathon challenge. Eek!

The challenge event is to raise much-needed funds for breast cancer research and is the one where thousands of women (and men) walk through the streets of London in their bras. This year the theme is Wild West – yee-ha!

Now, I’m not a runner, so never thought that challenges like marathon’s were for me, but I was wrong. This is a power-walking event, so no running involved. Phew.

However, it’s still 26.2 miles and when I signed up, I had no idea if I could really walk that far.

Break a big goal into steps

Moon Walk training plan - blog on tackling big goals - lucystanyerlifecoach.comSome people can find big, ambitious goals as intimidating as they can be inspiring and motivating. Especially for fitness goals and challenge events like the Moon Walk.

The secret to turning a big goal into a reality is to break the the it down into smaller steps that will gradually work you towards achieving it – and focus on those steps. This is called ‘chunking’.

When I started out, I was doing shorter walks and using the MapMyWalk app to track my speed, pace, time (and calories!).

I soon realised – to my surprise – that I could comfortable walk a 4mph pace, which meant I could think of each extra mile as just another 15 minutes brisk walk.

Realising this and viewing chunks of time in this way really helped me to create my training plan and build up to 10 and 12 mile walks.

Making time for the walks

As well as not knowing how I would physically be able to walk that far, I wasn’t sure how I’d fit it into my week. I have a flexible business, so I have been able to use some mornings to train, alongside evenings and weekends.

Using the chunking system and planning ahead for how I’d need to increase the distance an time, I was also able to build it into my week by using my own time planning tool to look at my week and move some things around.

I asked for cover for the little one and was smart about doing extended walks to end up at a client meetings. I also did some emails and social media as I was walked along.

Overcoming setbacks

It’s not all been plain sailing though. When I first started training in January, I walked too fast up a long, steep hill and injured my right hip – which turned out to actually be my glute!

So after a great start, I then had to ice and rest for 5 weeks until I saw the physiotherapist, who has been amazing at supporting me to get back into training and strengthen my glutes, legs and back.

Then two weeks ago my hip/glute went again, so I was able to apply what I learned, rest for a week and do yoga, then get back to a 12 mile walks. I didn’t quite make the 16 miler after this second injury and torrential rain, but I was happy to be back to where I was with only a minor twinge.

By having the training plan, I was able to see these setbacks as part of the bigger picture and keep my motivation up.

My motivation

Mum and I - big goalsI am doing the Moon Walk challenge because my lovely mum is battling breast cancer for the third time.

I’m part of a Moon Walk team with my sister and three of our friends. So it’ll be brilliant to achieve this with each other’s support.

The London Moon Walk is organised by Walk the Walk. the UK’s largest breast cancer grant making charity. They help fund research into treating breast cancer as well as grants to small charities working in communities on the front line of breast cancer support.

My Mum is on an amazing new drug, called Palbociclib, that has recently been approved for the NHS and most importantly, is buying my family and I more precious time with her.

Please sponsor me if you can, it will help more scientists make bigger breast cancer breakthroughs in the future for all the women and girls in our lives! Thank you.

Click here for my fundraising page

I’ve also had great support from friends and family who have come on training walks, given advice about how to tackle the challenge and who have donated generously. This has also helped massively with staying motivated and ‘on plan’.

I’m also grateful for my great friends Vic and Bex who joined the team with my sis and her friend Claire. 

We’ve got this!


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