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Mumpreneur-Inspiration logoIt can be daunting when first starting out in business, especially when you’re a Mum working from home juggling family life and a business.

This is why Josie started the Mumpreneur Inspiration website where she features stories about Mums in business. The stories focus on how they started and how they balance everything – and this month she’s featured me here.

In the interview, Josie asked me what advice would you give for someone just starting out? I said:
“Develop clear goals and have an action plan…but be prepared to be flexible and seize opportunities that fit in with your goals. And most of all, make sure that you goals align with your personal and professional values. You’re more likely to get focused, stay motivated and be a success!”

One of my business coaching clients, Michelle Gyimah, Owner of Equality Pays, is also a ‘mumpreneur’, she said: “Lucy is a great coach who can see through to the heart of a problem or issues that you are finding hard to resolve. As a freelancer it is really important to have a coach that not only understands your challenges but is also rooting for you!

“I appreciated talking to someone in a similar situation. New business, mum to a toddler. That meant there was a lot of synergy before we even got started. And she understood my needs brilliantly! Lucy knows the pressures of leaving a secure job, starting up your own business and having a small child at home. That made a big difference to me.” 

So if you’re a mumpreneur already and need a dose of inspiration or a mum thinking about making a career change and starting a business, then check out the site.

What websites, blogs or groups have you found that have inspired you on your business journey? Let me know in the comments below.

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