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Georgia started baby clothes business after a career change

Georgia, from Kent, decided to start a business – called Petit Apparel – after coaching with me helped her work through her options for a career change. Petit Apparel sells baby clothes from around the world, in particular the cute baby and toddler clothes from Spain and France. Georgia came to coaching after leaving a career in […]

Redesign your week and kickstart your career change

A career change is not an easy undertaking. It takes courage, preparation, and time. For a lot of people, it is too much time. They are daunted by the prospect of all that lies ahead. Time poor and convinced they can’t fit it all in they procrastinate.  Anticipating failure and avoiding it the only way […]

Can I change my career after thirty?

Monday morning, you drag yourself out of bed, force yourself to work and shuffle listlessly around the office. You stoically ignore the clock, knowing how little time has passed. You wonder how your bloodstream can be 90% pure caffeine yet you can’t keep your eyes open… Finally home, you’re so exhausted, frustrated, disappointed and simply bored with life […]

Six catalysts for career change – and what to do next

We’ve all been there. Unhappy in your job, feeling stressed and undervalued, and in desperate need for a change. There are so many reasons for people to make a career change. Each one of them is valid and often personal. My clients usually come to career coaching with a open mind about where they want to go, but […]

Five ways for mums to stop ‘running on empty’

Whether you’re a new mum or your kids are already in school, it’s common to feel like you’re running on empty a lot of the time. I spotted a fascinating article on goop.com about new term for this age-old situation – “postnatal depletion”.  It’s written by Oscar Serrallach, a doctor from New Zealand, who specialises in postnatal […]