How I balance work and family life – my second interview

Image: Silhouette photo of my familyThis week my second interview was published, where I shared my experience of how I set up and run my business while balancing work and family life.

The interview is featured on Nicola Semple’s website where she features mums in business in a section called ‘How she does it’.

Nicola says: “Juggling a business and a family is not straightforward but it can be done. Together we can motivate other ladies to follow in our footsteps and build the business they dream of around the family that they love.”

As a mum and a coach, it’s important to me to create a good work-life balance to have the right amount of time to look after my family, nurture my little girl, grow my coaching business and to help other mums and dads to do the same.

I typically work with small business owners to help them grow their business, corporate managers at a crossroads in their careers, and mums who are returning to work or want to start a new career. 

In the interview I talk about how I work flexibly and am starting to outsource some of the aspects of my business that are not my areas of expertise, such as bookkeeping: “I work part time, so around 20 hours a week, but this is flexible.”

Like many other mums in business, juggling all the roles is the biggest challenge – doing your marketing, enquiries, finances, tax returns, website, newsletter, social media, planning etc plus doing the work that you love and being a mum! It’s easy to end up running on empty and having no energy left for yourself. “Learning where to play to your strengths and outsource the things that you like the least and someone else is expert in is the key.”

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  • Laura says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your insight Lucy. This is something I am struggling with myself: I work full time, have a young family, and I am trying to grow a business on the side. My “me time” often gets lost by the way-side and I wonder if I am doing the right thing either by growing my business too slow (more like not at all) so that my boys don’t grow up knowing me buried behind a laptop! I am looking forward to more of your work 🙂

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