Monthly Archives: May 2015

Julie Davies’ flower workshops are blooming with coaching

Julie Davies, owner of Julie Davies Flower Workshops, has grown her business, increased her business confidence and reported an amazing 400% increase in pre-tax profits since starting business coaching with me last year. Blooming marvellous! As this is International Coaching Week I wanted to demonstrate the positive impact that coaching – in this case small business […]

Five ways for mums to stop ‘running on empty’

Whether you’re a new mum or your kids are already in school, it’s common to feel like you’re running on empty a lot of the time. I spotted a fascinating article on about new term for this age-old situation – “postnatal depletion”.  It’s written by Oscar Serrallach, a doctor from New Zealand, who specialises in postnatal […]

How I run my business, and why – my interview on Cartwheels Across the Sky

Exciting times at Lucy Stanyer Life Coach HQ – I’ve had my first interview since starting my business. The interview is on Cartwheels Across the Sky, the website of the lovely Alison Wood, who is a social media marketing whiz and a writer. It’s part of her Business Focus series that asks business owners from around […]